The Murder Machine

The Murder Machine

I’d like to introduce an interesting and unusual song sent to me by a band called Yearning Curve. Instead of interpreting an archived song, they’ve used snippets of the text from Pádraig Pearse’s 1914 essay ‘The Murder Machine’ in a new composition. Pearse’s essay on the inequities of the Irish education system and the dysfunctional realities of imperialism and occupation can be read in full on UCC’s Corpus of Electronic Texts. Yearning Curve’s version of ‘The Murder Machine’ also includes modern-day sound-bites, painting a sound-picture of an Ireland swathed in corruption, still offering up its young to an indifferent imperial ruling class a hundred years after Pearse’s essay. In this post, Bairbre from Yearning Curve tells me a bit more about ‘The Murder Machine’…


“A machine vast, complicated, with a multitude of far-reaching arms, with many ponderous presses, carrying out mysterious and long-drawn processes of shaping and moulding…”
– Patrick Pearse,
The Murder Machine (1914)

‘The Murder Machine’ is the title track from our debut album inspired by Patrick Pearse’s book, ‘The Murder Machine’ (1914).

Using lines from Pearse’s book, samples from the infamous bankers tapes, Vincent Browne in full flight and Bertie Ahern on the steps of Dáil Éireann, we wanted to explore the idea of ‘The Murder Machine’ and the relevance of it in our time.

Although Pearse’s book deals mainly with the early 20th century education system, ‘The Murder Machine’ of the corporate world is surely as oppressive as anything the imperialist world could dream up as we struggle daily with the grinders of poverty, inequality and conformity.

I read somewhere once that Bertie Ahern kept a photo of Pearse on his desk and the irony of that couldn’t be lost on those who are living in the Ireland that Ahern and his policy-makers have left behind. The ‘Murder Machine’ song is some attempt to reclaim our history in the spirit of those who visioned a fair and free future for all of us. Kind of like Jinx Lennon, but not funny. 

Listen here:
Album out May 1st:

What is ‘The Murder Machine’? 
The personal and political meathooks, 
the myriad ways we can be ground up? 
And why make music about it?


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