You Broke My Heart To Pass The Time Away

For this blog entry, I decided to try something a little different. I absolutely love this song, and I’m very proud of the recording that I made with James Eliot Taylor. Rather than just write about the song and include embedded audio, I added the text to a video and made an informational video blog entry to complement the song. Beneath the video are some links to further information about the people who performed it a hundred years ago, with embedded audio of the Manuel Romain version from 1914. Enjoy!

You Broke My Heart to Pass the Time Away
performed by Manuel Romain in 1914

It was difficult to find details of Manuel Romain’s life. But the description on this YouTube video provides quite an in-depth biography. The video features audio of Manuel Romain singing ‘Curse Of An Aching Heart’. Henry Burr, who also sang ‘You Broke My Heart To Pass The Time Away’ in 1914, was the subject of another blog post.

Many thanks again to Paul Moore for his violin playing, Tom Edwards for his saxophony, and James Eliot Taylor for singing the song, playing the drums, and having me round to record most of it in his house. Good times.

I did sneak some advertising into the video… maybe you didn’t notice. You can stream the Hundred Years Late album at

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